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Warren Technology Indoor Air Quality Systems Meet Needs of Modern Workforce

HIALEAH, Fla. – While today’s workforce often has space-age gadgetry at its fingertips – computers, robotics, lasers and so much

more – it is likely functioning in an indoor environment controlled by inadequate, decades-old heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) technology.

However, recent technological breakthroughs are bringing indoor environmental systems in line with the modern world, according to Maurice Dubuc of Warren Technology. The company produces a line of high-efficiency diffusers and other state-of-the-art HVAC equipment.

“The way air is introduced and distributed in most buildings hasn’t changed since around World War II,” Dubuc said. “We’ve used science and technology to develop HVAC systems that will fix this problem and create healthy indoor environments far into the future.”

Warren Technology products are manufactured for commercial and residential buildings to control indoor air quality, such as ventilation and temperature, to improve the health, comfort and productivity of occupants, as well as the energy efficiency of the building.

“Warren was one of the first U.S. companies to integrate computer-aided design (CAD) in its manufacturing process, enabling the company to develop, test and fabricate products quickly in response to the changing needs of customers,” Dubuc said. One key component in a Warren Technology modern system is the unique high-velocity dimple jet. It precisely directs the air, and greatly improves circulation and ventilation – two of the biggest factors in indoor air quality. Dimple jets can be found on the face of Warren diffusers, which are commonly called air vents.

Valid Air® diffusers incorporate the dimple jets and a special variable air volume (VAV) device to maintain proper air circulation at all times. Valid Air® diffusers also can be fitted with built-in filters to remove harmful contaminants before they enter the room. Constructed of durable lightweight aluminum and scratch-resistant thermoplastic, Valid Air® high-performance diffusers will not rust, chip or stain.

The Leopard Intellivent® personal VAV diffuser from Warren Technology directly addresses the most common complaint of indoor air environments: it’s too hot or too cold. The device uses a state-of-the-art logic board and built-in thermostat to offer each building occupant the ability to control the temperature in his or her individual office or workspace.

Warren’s Zebra® precision air valve is a breakthrough in air-flow throttling design and performance.Zebra® precision air valves operate measurably quieter than conventional air valves and produce precise, layered air-flow patterns. The device also can be fitted to provide enhanced air-flow regulation, static pressure relief and static pressure reduction.

Dubuc said the systems also are effective against “sick building syndrome,” cited as costing American businesses more than $60 billion annually in lost worker productivity and another $15 billion in related health care costs. The Washington D.C. – based National Coalition on Indoor Air Quality estimates 800,000 to 1.2 million buildings suffer from indoor air problems, usually related to inadequate ventilation, resulting in headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sore throats, allergies, watery eyes and upper respiratory problems. “The products we’ve developed have incorporated high technology to offer something more important than simply modern conveniences – a healthy, comfortable indoor environment,” Dubuc said.