Unitary Electric Heaters

Chris Stanziale
Manager Corporate Operations
Warren is our preferred supplier of electric heater kits. The quality compared to others is bar none. Our relationship just keeps getting better and better every year! The product has been very reliable and when issues have arisen their team has responded very quickly to aid our field representatives to find solutions to the problem.
Richard Narzinsky
Inside Sales Engineer
For my past 20 years in the HVAC industry, Warren Technology has been a great company to partner with. They provide exceptional customer service, timely quotations, competitive pricing and a high quality product. I honestly cannot recall the last time we received a call from a customer for a faulty heater we provided from Warren.
Chris Evans
Fifty pieces or twelve hundred fifty, they say 2 weeks, it'll be 2 weeks on the dot. The one problem we had because of an unknown unknown, they fell all over themselves to correct.. What is there to say about the product, it works, comes packaged with our numbers on it, and the warranty process is super easy. Warren has nice people too.
Allen Gast
Director of Commercial/Multi-Family/RNC Sales Support
I have been very fortunate over the years to have partnered with Warren Heaters in all my accessory heater decisions. I’ve used them throughout my career in the HVAC industry (both AOR and RNC applications) while working for a number of different firms and have never been disappointed. Bob Longman and his team consistently deliver on price, product, availability and customer service. They are a “Go To Source” for us year in and year out
Chuck York
HVAC Equipment Product Manager
Warren has been our preferred vendor for all unitary and special order electric heat needs since 2003. We’ve had exceptional lead times and have had a good collaborative partnership. They’ve remained a competitive alternate to OEM sources as well.-Johnson Supply
Tim McKenzie
Inside Sales
First of all I have always loved and trusted Warren for my heating needs, I have been on the distributor Side for 31 years and your product has never let me down.. GREAT JOB!!

Custom Built Duct Heaters

Tim Milburn
Service Manager
Warren Technology has been supplying their product to our company for well over 20 years. In that time the staff, most of them long term employees, has always served with diligence and professionalism to meet the often difficult deadlines and requirements of our company. They are easy to reach so working through any sort of problems are taken care of immediately. Good company run by good people.
Patrick Lloyd
Vice President-Sales & Business Development
The Warren Team is great to work with! Their attention to detail and quick responses make selling electric duct heaters fun!
Lenny Zimmerman
Excellent customer service Build and ship always on time. Excellent technical support. Excellent quality.
G. Bingham Bache
Sales Representative
I have done business with Warren for many years and have always found them with a rating of excellent in quoting and delivering product which is among the best in the USA.
Art Dibell
Warren offers a wide selection of competitively priced duct heaters available for many applications, along with expedite programs to get products in a timely basis. Their knowledgeable staff is available to help with product selection and technical questions.

Leopard Intellivent® Personal VAV Diffusers

Eric Matson
Facility Manager, Muskogee Regional Medical Center, Muskogee, Oklahoma
"We had a constant volume system serving a large open work area that was recently redesigned into several small offices. We felt that zone control was necessary because each individual's heating and cooling requirements varied greatly. We decided to have a master thermostat and to create subzones with the LEOPARD INTELLIVENTS®. The cost savings was an extra bonus. My boss, the director of facility operations, liked the INTELLIVENT®'s performance so much that he asked to relocate the LEOPARD INTELLIVENT® in my office, to his office."
Bob Carr
Facility Manager, Mystic Marinelife Aquarium. Mystic, Connecticut
"Our HVAC system is constant volume in some areas and variable air volume in others. It's a real mixed use system that will require several buildout changes over the next few years. I needed to have a reliable, flexible VAV system that could easily be relocated as the building plans changed. We had to have a system simple enough for our own personnel to install. The LEOPARD INTELLIVENT® has met all of those objectives. We have reordered the INTELLIVENTS® several times over the pest two years with virtually no maintenance calls."
Jim Nash
Facility Manager, CAI Recon Optical, Inc. Barrington, Illinois
"CAI Recon Optical specializes in the manufacturing of reconnaissance cameras, sensors and other equipment for the aerospace industry. Our building is over 30 years old with a constant volume system that serves both the core and perimeter areas of the building. The only insulation we have between the outside of the building and the occupied spaces inside is the 3/8th thick glass surrounding the building. Needless to say, the core area of the building is always too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer. We needed something that could be installed in the core area of the building to give us more localized control. The temperature swings in the perimeter area were making life miserable for our employees working the interior areas. The LEOPARD INTELLIVENTS® gave us the opportunity to provide individual control in every interior office. The INTELLIVENTS® have performed beyond our expectations. You can walk through the interior work area and feel comfortable all year 'round. The temperatures in each office are extremely accurate. We installed them in two phases without disrupting anyone' s work schedule. Master and slave combinations have worked especially well in open office areas and conference rooms."
Mark Randolph
Regional Manager, State Farm Insurance Co. Bloomington, Illinois
"State Farm Insurance is headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois. Corporate headquarters includes over two million square feet of office space. There are over 1,000 other office locations nationwide. Regional service centers range from 8,000 to 14,000 square feet and all are designed with up to 5 DX rooftop units that provide constant volume conditioning. Our offices only have a few thermostats controlling the entire occupied space. Several offices have no control ever temperature selection. It is common to see a few people wearing sweaters in July, and short sleeve shirts in December. There are always two or three areas in each location that are "too hot" or "too cold". Nothing seems to solve this problem. We have been searching for a product that could alleviate these problems at a low first cost. We also wanted a product the we could install simply, that would not disrupt the work schedule of our employees working in the office. The INTELLIVENT® diffusers allowed us to replace the existing diffusers we had with a diffuser that provided individual room temperature control at a moderate cost. The INTELLIVENTS® were easy to install and they really work well. We plan on continuing to use the LEOPARD INTELLIVENTS® throughout our company locations."
Bill Dee
Facility Manager, Applebrook Research Center, SmithKline Beecham Animal Health Division. West Chester, Pennsylvania
"Our facility is over 100,000 square feet that is designed with a variable air volume system that incorporates standard VAV terminal units serving groups of three offices each. The workload and individual temperature preferences varied in each office. The office where the thermostat was located was always satisfied. The problem was that the occupants of the other two rooms that shared the thermostat, were either too hot or too cold. We wanted to create additional zones to satisfy the occupants in the offices without thermostats. It also had to be done at a reasonable first cost and without interfering with the employees' work schedules. The first cost was similar to traditional VAV terminals without the added costs and aggravation of installing new equipment in the ductwork. Relocating VAV boxes would have become a nightmare in the future. The INTELLIVENTS® are great problem solvers and they allowed us to accomplish both of our objectives. Now that each office has its own thermostat, it allows us to use our energy more efficiently, while increasing the productivity of our employees by satisfying their temperature requirements. I envision the INTELLIVENTS® being used on a system wide application with a variable frequency drive to control fan speed. Because the fan load is reduced, operating costs will be significantly reduced providing us with additional energy savings."

Quiet Plus® VAV Terminal Units

Sigmund Self
Project Manager, Johnson Controls Inc., Parkland College. Champaign, Illinois
"We were retrofitting several buildings at a major university that required VAV retrofit terminals. There were over 100 size requirements. This forced us to customize the job and we had to find a manufacturer who was willing to deviate from their standard sizing and provide us with customized retrofit terminals. Warren was the only manufacturer who could meet our requirements and deliver the product in less than eight weeks. One of the manufacturers we contacted told us that it would take them months to fill this order. Warren customized over 400 QUIET PLUS® retrofit terminals for this project and shipped the first 115 retrofit terminals in less than four weeks. The quality of the QUIET PLUS® retrofit terminal units and the factory follow-up have exceeded our expectations for this project. The units are extremely quiet and the college is very satisfied with the project which came in under budget and on time. We look forward to using more QUIET PLUS® VAV terminal units in the future."
Mike Wilson
Vice-President, John J. Kirlin Inc., Mechanical Contractors, Pal Med Health Services. Hialeah, Florida
"We own a new six story commercial office building designed for professional health services. We have over 300 Warren QUIET PLUS® terminal units installed in this building. There have been very few complaints about noise since our building opened. That is surprising since we have fan powered terminal units surrounding the perimeter. The Warren QUIET PLUS® terminal units are extremely quiet." Jay Shapiro, Director of Facility Operations "With some VAV box manufacturers, you have to keep going back out to the job site to fix something that should have been working properly when it left the factory. Since profit margins are already cut to the bone, making these types of service calls becomes very costly for us. We did not experience these types of problems when we installed the QUIET PLUS® terminal units from Warren at Pal Med Health Services. The installation went smoothly with very little follow-up required at the job site since it opened."
Don Wall
President, Don Wall Construction Co., General Contractors, New Haven Savings Bank. Milford, Connecticut
"Overall we have been very pleased with the performance of these VAV terminal units. I was very skeptical when we first looked at the QUIET PLUS® VAV terminal units. After all the ZEBRA® damper looked different than any other damper we had seen in a VAV box. We tested them on one floor of the New Haven Savings Bank and our clients were very impressed. Since our initial installation, they have reordered QUIET PLUS® VAV terminal units for four additional floors. The laminar air flow and direct linear stroke of the ZEBRA® air valve are a marked improvement over other VAV boxes with conventional dampers. The Warren VAV box is much more durable than the ones we used to purchase. We will use them on many more projects in the future."
Rory Fitzsimons
Territory Manager
Warren Technologies has been a longtime valued partner. They make the quietest VAV boxes around, and have fabulous customer service.
Dave Edie
President, Edie Mechanical Inc., Mechanical Engineers, Skaggs Community Hospital. Springfield, Missouri
"The QUIET PLUS® VAV terminal units are much more sturdy than the other VAV boxes we have used in the past. The quality of the Warren product that we used at Skaggs Community Hospital is excellent. The linear characteristics and laminar airflow pattern throughout the throttling range is excellent. There is virtually no throttling noise at all with these units. We are very comfortable recommending this product to any of our customers."

Valid Air® High Performance Diffusers

Luis Bernal
Facility Manager, Columbia Pictures/Belwin Inc. Miami, Florida
"Our division is responsible for the licensing, printing and distribution of Columbia Pictures' sheet music. We have over 100,000 square feet of office space. Our employees were always complaining about cold downdrafts. They had put tape over the diffusers and blocked same of them with cardboard. The old perforated diffusers also stained the adjoining ceiling tiles with dirt in may areas of the building. We removed all the perforated and louvered diffusers throughout the second floor of the building and replaced them with VALID AIR® high performance diffusers. We have had the VALID AIR® diffusers installed in our building for almost five years and they have recirculated the air much better with absolutely no complaints about downdrafts or dumping of cold air onto the employees. None of the ceiling files has been stained by dust particles accumulating near the diffuser. I would recommend these diffusers in a minute for any facility manager experiencing the same types of problems we had."
Glen Gustafson
Maintenance Supervisor, Allied Signal Inc. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Our HVAC system is over 25 years old. There are many areas where diffusers throw air downward in a way that causes it to collide with air being thrown from another diffuser. This causes a lot of downdrafts in areas where employees are working. They are very uncomfortable and cannot concentrate on their work. We replaced these old diffusers with new VALID AIR® high performance diffusers in four zones. The VALID AIR® diffusers have corrected the problems we were having with downdrafts and poor air circulation. The employees are satisfied, so we are happy. We plan on using many more as we continue to upgrade our system."
Kevin Torrey
General Manager, Outback Steakhouse. Brandon, Florida
"Outback Steakhouse is headquartered in Tampa and has over 200 locations throughout the southeast United States. Most restaurants are designed with small packaged rooftop units serving three main zones in the restaurant. The perforated supply diffusers we had originally installed were rusting badly after three years in operation. Once the perforated diffusers got stained by dirt they were almost impossible to clean and looked terrible. Customers were always objecting to downdrafts while they were eating. We needed to replace the existing diffusers with ones that did not rust and at the same time would eliminate the complaints we were receiving about drafts and air dumping directly on our patrons which cooled their food down too quickly and made them uncomfortable. The aluminum VALID AIR® diffusers with the thermoplastic faceplate helped eliminate our problems. There have been no complaints about drafts of cold air from our patrons. The design of the air diffuser face really does force air to move across the ceiling instead of downward. I never realized how many customers I had to move to other tables in the course of one night because of drafts until the VALID AIR® diffusers were installed and stopped the requests down to almost none. VALID AIR® diffusers really helped increase the air circulation and also eliminated a lot of the food odors that lingered in the restaurant."
Bob Herman
Facility Technician, Jafra Cosmetics, Inc. Westlake Village, California
"Our facility manager wanted me to source something that would eliminate the complaints we were receiving from employees on downdrafts. The perforated diffusers we had were blowing air directly down on employees' necks, making them very uncomfortable. VALID AIR® diffusers solved our problems. We have installed them in four different zones and plan on using them in many more areas."
George Epp
Manager of Facilities, ADI-a Subsidiary of Pittway Corp. Syosset, New York
"ADI manufactures and distributes security and fire protection products. Our company employs about 1,100 people in our 80 facilities nationwide, and our facility department services approximately 300 people in the corporate operations building. The executive areas were in dire need of major renovations. Our air conditioning systems and controls were antiquated to say the least. I was receiving at least 20 calls a day from people complaining about being too hot or too cold. And worst of all, "that air vent is blowing on me"! It was driving me crazy. I met with the engineering staff at HBW Heating & Air Conditioning. The head engineer told me he had just the right thing for me... Warren Technology's really neat-leaking VALID AIR® high performance diffuser! He promised me it would perform as good as it looked. He explained how it would displace air in all directions, creating an even flow of air, not just a massive front of air. It sounded too good to be true. We went ahead and installed your VALID AIR® high performance diffusers. The VALID AIR® product's reliability and quality have afforded me time to do other projects, especially now that I'm not answering 20 daily complaint calls for air conditioning management. It's reassuring to know that I will only need routine maintenance now that I have your products in our facility."