Quicksilver Duct Heaters

The Quicksilver line of electric built duct heaters by Warren offers you the best of both worlds. With the Quicksilver heaters the customer realizes the Stock-Line heater benefits of quick production cycles while obtaining the custom spec flexibility of a Custom Built Heater. The Quicksilver line falls in between the Stock-Line and Custom Built Duct Heaters.

Warren Quicksilver duct heaters are designed for use in residential and commercial applications where standard dimensions, configurations, and control options are suitable, and when quick shipments are required.

The Quicksilver is available on a standard one week production cycle with an optional 3rd day production at a premium. Quicksilver heaters have greater KW, accessory, and duct size selection than our Stock-Line heaters.

In summary, the Quicksilver line offers the following to the customer: quick and easy pricing, UL-listed, slip-in type, 3 million combinations, 24-control volt only, up to 30 KW, magnetic de-energizing 24 volt contactors, circuit fusing over 48 amps per UL & NEC, control panel enclosure, duct sizes up to 36" x 20", 5-day production cycles, all voltages, and may be installed in horizontal air flow-position 1.

Quick Silver

Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy pricing
  • Quick shipments
  • Easily integrated into existing HVAC systems and new installations