Reliable and Safe
Engineered for reliability and safety, and specifically designed not to exceed safe operating temperatures.
Easy Integration
Modular design allows for easy integration into existing HVAC systems and new installations.
Excellent Customer Support
Our team is here to help you. We do our best to to provide efficient, friendly support, to ensure customer satisfaction.


Chris Stanziale
Manager Corporate Operations
"Warren is our preferred supplier of electric heater kits. The quality compared to others is bar none. Our relationship just keeps getting better and better every year! The product has been very reliable and when issues have arisen their team has responded very quickly to aid our field representatives to find solutions to the problem."
Don Wall
President, Don Wall Construction Co., General Contractors, New Haven Savings Bank. Milford, Connecticut
"Overall we have been very pleased with the performance of these VAV terminal units. I was very skeptical when we first looked at the QUIET PLUS® VAV terminal units. After all the ZEBRA® damper looked different than any other damper we had seen in a VAV box. We tested them on one floor of the New Haven Savings Bank and our clients were very impressed. Since our initial installation, they have reordered QUIET PLUS® VAV terminal units for four additional floors. The laminar air flow and direct linear stroke of the ZEBRA® air valve are a marked improvement over other VAV boxes with conventional dampers. The Warren VAV box is much more durable than the ones we used to purchase. We will use them on many more projects in the future."
Glen Gustafson
Maintenance Supervisor, Allied Signal Inc. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Our HVAC system is over 25 years old. There are many areas where diffusers throw air downward in a way that causes it to collide with air being thrown from another diffuser. This causes a lot of downdrafts in areas where employees are working. They are very uncomfortable and cannot concentrate on their work. We replaced these old diffusers with new VALID AIR® high performance diffusers in four zones. The VALID AIR® diffusers have corrected the problems we were having with downdrafts and poor air circulation. The employees are satisfied, so we are happy. We plan on using many more as we continue to upgrade our system."