Warren Provides State-of-the-Art Indoor Environmental System for New Carnival Cruise Lines Headquarters

Carnival Building pictureMiami, Fla. — For its new 10 story, 225,000 square foot corporate headquarters expansion, Carnival Cruise Lines objective was to provide its employees with a state-of-the-art environmental system which would improve upon existing building designs. According to a recent study conducted by the International Facility Management Association, being “too hot” or “too cold” in the office ranks as the top two complaints employees make most often to facility managers at U.S. corporations across the country. Carnival’s goal was to ensure a healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environment for their employees by eliminating typical building complaints about overheating, overcooling and cold downdrafts present in today’s conventional building design.

Carnival evaluated and selected a unique environmental system designed by the consulting engineering firm of Johnson Hernandez Associates, and manufactured by Warren Technology located in Hialeah, Florida. This cutting edge, hi-tech air distribution system was designed to increase individual comfort for employees through Warren Technology‘s unique, patented Leopard Intellivent® personal VAV diffuser which was used in conjunction with a Trane building automation system. The Intellivent® is a combination personal ceiling air conditioning vent and energy saving device that has a built-in thermostat to provide individual room temperature control to building occupants. Over 900 Leopard Intellivent® and Valid Air® High Performance diffusers and over 230 Warren Quiet Plus® variable air volume terminal units were installed during the renovation.

“We visited the Warren Technology plant with Carnival Cruise Lines representatives and saw first hand the new technology that they had developed for the commercial market. We were impressed with the design and performance of their products and we all felt they fit Carnival Cruise Lines requirements,” stated Orlando Hernandez, a partner at Johnson Hernandez Associates. Mr. Hernandez also commented on the system comfort during the final walk through the building after it was occupied. “I could not believe the difference in room air circulation after the Intellivents® were installed. I have never been in a building where the temperature was equalized so well throughout the entire space, there were virtually no hot or cold spots in any of the office areas we visited.”

Employee comfort complaints have been virtually eliminated resulting in improved employee morale and individual productivity. Joe Canicatti, Director of Facilities, Carnival Cruise Lines has been pleased with the performance of the Warren products. “So far we are receiving less than one-tenth of the number of complaints from employees that we received in the existing building. The Intellivents® should save us $6,000 a month in reduced energy costs and lower maintenance costs alone. Individual productivity gains due to a more comfortable environment are a bonus.”

This technology developed by Warren has been utilized in a number of installations worldwide and has received numerous industry innovations awards. Designed in 1986, the Leopard Intellivent® personal variable air volume vent has developed into one of the most sophisticated environmental products available today for use in commercial office buildings, schools, hospitals, and institutions.