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Air Distribution Products

  • Leopard Intellivent® Personal VAV Diffusers provide individual room temperature control to improve employee comfort and increase productivity.
  • Valid Air® High-Performance Diffusers are designed to maximize room air circulation and provide a draft-free, comfortable indoor environment.
  • Quiet Plus® Variable Air Volume Terminal Units are used in ducted air conditioning systems to regulate the flow of air to a group of rooms to maintain comfortable temperature levels and to provide significant energy savings. They also provide zone heating when equipped with a CBK Electric Duct Heater.
  • Zebra® Precision Air Valves are used to regulate or balance air flow in ducted HVAC systems, air handling units, outside air intakes, or VAV applications.
  • The UNI•VAV® Individual Room Comfort System is an advanced variable air volume (VAV) air management system which is applied to any type of new or existing ducted central air conditioning system.
  • The UNI•GUARD™ High Efficiency Individual Room Outlet Filtration System protects building occupants by filtering out harmful airborne microbial contaminants that accumulate inside the buildings air ducts.
    Electric Heating Products
  • Warren offers four basic product lines which include: Custom Built Electric Duct Heaters (CBK), Stock-Line (SL), Quicksilver (QS), and Unitary Electric Insert Heaters. Safety-tested CBK Electric Duct Heaters provide heating for primary zones and subzones in commercial HVAC building systems. Unitary Electric Insert Heaters and Outlet Mounted Duct Heaters are used in residential and light commercial HVAC systems.