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"Our division is responsible for the licensing, printing and distribution of Columbia Pictures' sheet music. We have over 100,000 square feet of office space. Our employees were always complaining about cold downdrafts. They had put tape over the diffusers and blocked same of them with cardboard. The old perforated diffusers also stained the adjoining ceiling tiles with dirt in may areas of the building. We removed all the perforated and louvered diffusers throughout the second floor of the building and replaced them with VALID AIR® high performance diffusers. We have had the VALID AIR® diffusers installed in our building for almost five years and they have recirculated the air much better with absolutely no complaints about downdrafts or dumping of cold air onto the employees. None of the ceiling files has been stained by dust particles accumulating near the diffuser. I would recommend these diffusers in a minute for any facility manager experiencing the same types of problems we had."

Luis Bernal, Facility Manager
Columbia Pictures/Belwin Inc. Miami, Florida

"Our HVAC system is over 25 years old. There are many areas where diffusers throw air downward in a way that causes it to collide with air being thrown from another diffuser. This causes a lot of downdrafts in areas where employees are working. They are very uncomfortable and cannot concentrate on their work. We replaced these old diffusers with new VALID AIR® high performance diffusers in four zones. The VALID AIR® diffusers have corrected the problems we were having with downdrafts and poor air circulation. The employees are satisfied, so we are happy. We plan on using many more as we continue to upgrade our system."

Glen Gustafson, Maintenance Supervisor
Allied Signal Inc. Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"ADI manufactures and distributes security and fire protection products. Our company employs about 1,100 people in our 80 facilities nationwide, and our facility department services approximately 300 people in the corporate operations building. The executive areas were in dire need of major renovations. Our air conditioning systems and controls were antiquated to say the least. I was receiving at least 20 calls a day from people complaining about being too hot or too cold. And worst of all, "that air vent is blowing on me"! It was driving me crazy.

I met with the engineering staff at HBW Heating & Air Conditioning. The head engineer told me he had just the right thing for me... Warren Technology's really neat-leaking VALID AIR® high performance diffuser! He promised me it would perform as good as it looked. He explained how it would displace air in all directions, creating an even flow of air, not just a massive front of air. It sounded too good to be true.

We went ahead and installed your VALID AIR® high performance diffusers. The VALID AIR® product's reliability and quality have afforded me time to do other projects, especially now that I'm not answering 20 daily complaint calls for air conditioning management. It's reassuring to know that I will only need routine maintenance now that I have your products in our facility."

George Epp, Manager of Facilities
ADI-a Subsidiary of Pittway Corp. Syosset, New York


"Outback Steakhouse is headquartered in Tampa and has over 200 locations throughout the southeast United States. Most restaurants are designed with small packaged rooftop units serving three main zones in the restaurant. The perforated supply diffusers we had originally installed were rusting badly after three years in operation. Once the perforated diffusers got stained by dirt they were almost impossible to clean and looked terrible. Customers were always objecting to downdrafts while they were eating. We needed to replace the existing diffusers with ones that did not rust and at the same time would eliminate the complaints we were receiving about drafts and air dumping directly on our patrons which cooled their food down too quickly and made them uncomfortable.

The aluminum VALID AIR® diffusers with the thermoplastic faceplate helped eliminate our problems. There have been no complaints about drafts of cold air from our patrons. The design of the air diffuser face really does force air to move across the ceiling instead of downward. I never realized haw many customers I had to move to other tables in the course of one night because of drafts until the VALID AIR® diffusers were installed and stopped the requests down to almost none. VALID AIR® diffusers really helped increase the air circulation and also eliminated a lot of the food odors that lingered in the restaurant."

Kevin Torrey, General Manager
Outback Steakhouse. Brandon, Florida

"Our facility manager wanted me to source something that would eliminate the complaints we were receiving from employees on downdrafts. The perforated diffusers we had were blowing air directly down on employees' necks, making them very uncomfortable.
VALID AIR® diffusers solved our problems. We have installed them in four different zones and plan on using them in many more areas."

Bob Herman, Facility Technician
Jafra Cosmetics, Inc. Westlake Village, California