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"We had a constant volume system serving a large open work area that was recently redesigned into several small offices. We felt that zone control was necessary because each individual's heating and cooling requirements varied greatly. We decided to have a master thermostat and to create subzones with the LEOPARD INTELLIVENTS®. The cost savings was an extra bonus. My boss, the director of facility operations, liked the INTELLIVENT®'s performance so much that he asked to relocate the LEOPARD INTELLIVENT® in my office, to his office."

Eric Matson, Facility Manager
Muskogee Regional Medical Center, Muskogee, Oklahoma


"Our HVAC system is constant volume in some areas and variable air volume in others. It' s a real mixed use system that will require several buildout changes over the next few years. I needed to have a reliable, flexible VAV system that could easily be relocated as the building plans changed. We had to have a system simple enough for our own personnel to install. The LEOPARD INTELLIVENT® has met all of those objectives. We have reordered the INTELLIVENTS® several times over the pest two years with virtually no maintenance calls."

Bob Carr, Facility Manager
Mystic Marinelife Aquarium. Mystic, Connecticut


"Our facility is over 100,000 square feet that is designed with a variable air volume system that incorporates standard VAV terminal units serving groups of three offices each. The work load and individual temperature preferences varied in each office. The office where the thermostat was located was always satisfied. The problem was that the occupants of the other two rooms that shared the thermostat, were either too hot or too cold. We wanted to create additional zones to satisfy the occupants in the offices without thermostats. It also had to be done at a reasonable first cost and without interfering with the employees' work schedules. The first cost was similar to traditional VAV terminals without the added costs and aggravation of installing new equipment in the ductwork. Relocating VAV boxes would have become a nightmare in the future. The INTELLIVENTS® are great problem solvers and they allowed us to accomplish both of our objectives. Now that each office has its own thermostat, it allows us to use our energy more efficiently, while increasing the productivity of our employees by satisfying their temperature requirements. I envision the INTELLIVENTS® being used on a system wide application with a variable frequency drive to control fan speed. Because the fan load is reduced, operating costs will be significantly reduced providing us with additional energy savings."

Bill Dee, Facility Manager, Applebrook Research Center
SmithKline Beecham Animal Health Division. West Chester, Pennsylvania


"CAI Recon Optical specializes in the manufacturing of reconnaissance cameras, sensors and other equipment for the aerospace industry. Our building is over 30 years old with a constant volume system that serves both the core and perimeter areas of the building. The only insulation we have between the outside of the building and the occupied spaces inside is the 3/8th thick glass surrounding the building. Needless to say, the core area of the building is always too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer. We needed something that could be installed in the core area of the building to give us more localized control. The temperature swings in the perimeter area were making life miserable for our employees working the interior areas. The LEOPARD INTELLIVENTS® gave us the opportunity to provide individual control in every interior office. The INTELLIVENTS® have performed beyond our expectations. You can walk through the interior work area and feel comfortable all year 'round. The temperatures in each office are extremely accurate. We installed them in two phases without disrupting anyone' s work schedule. Master and slave combinations have worked especially well in open office areas and conference rooms."

Jim Nash, Facility Manager
CAI Recon Optical, Inc. Barrington, Illinois


"State Farm Insurance is headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois. Corporate headquarters includes over two million square feet of office space. There are over 1,000 other office locations nationwide. Regional service centers range from 8,000 to 14,000 square feet and all are designed with up to 5 DX rooftop units that provide constant volume conditioning. Our offices only have a few thermostats controlling the entire occupied space. Several offices have no control ever temperature selection. It is common to see a few people wearing sweaters in July, and short sleeve shirts in December. There are always two or three areas in each location that are "too hot" or "too cold". Nothing seems to solve this problem. We have been searching for a product that could alleviate these problems at a low first cost. We also wanted a product the we could install simply, that would not disrupt the work schedule of our employees working in the office. The INTELLIVENT® diffusers allowed us to replace the existing diffusers we had with a diffuser that provided individual room temperature control at a moderate cost. The INTELLIVENTS® were easy to install and they really work well. We plan on continuing to use the LEOPARD INTELLIVENTS® throughout our company locations."

Mark Randolph, Regional Manager
State Farm Insurance Co. Bloomington, Illinois